Have you ever had a crown procedure and had to return multiple times to the dentist? Have you ever had a temporary come off during the weekend and not know what to do? With our single visit crown procedures, all these worries are taken care of and you can have a much better experience, with less visits to the dentist!
Using the latest and most advanced technology available today, the CEREC system, we can provide you with the most beautiful, natural-looking crown, in just one visit. CEREC uses the latest CAD/CAM technology, and allows us to custom fabricate your crown right in our office, while you wait! You no longer need to take messy, inaccurate impressions. This digital system scans your teeth in just seconds, live, and seamlessly creates precise digital computer models that our team can get to work on, right away. The final restoration is metal-free and natural looking.

The CEREC system allow us to perform your smile makeover right in our office, in one single visit. Our technician can make your dream smile a reality, right in our office while you wait and watch! You will have the opportunity to communicate directly with the technician to and give us your vision and feedback. Together, using single visit dentistry, our team will work with you to create and design your best possible, natural smile.